The Problem Solvers Caucus - Bipartisanship Works!

Reaching across the aisle - it used to be a virtue and a badge of honor, but in many circles today it has become an offense, for some an almost traitorous act of capitulation. Public officials are pressured to put party first, many media outlets have devolved to become mere megaphones for one party or the other, and the American populace has been pressured to choose between sides that are increasingly assumed to be diametrically opposed.

Sadly, there are many who question whether bipartisan cooperation is even possible in 2018?

Fortunately, the Problem Solvers Caucus exists to remind us, and assure us, that bipartisanship is alive and well. In fact, cross-aisle collaboration is not only a viable option today, but it is a practical and essential way for the country to move forward.

The Problem Solvers Caucus is a group of 48 members of the House of Representatives, equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, who seek to create bi-partisan cooperation on key policy issues. The Caucus was formed in January of 2017 and grew out of bipartisan conversations organized by No Labels, a political reform movement that works to counter the influence of far-right and far-left groups and strengthen the American center.

Members of the Caucus have committed to vote for any policy proposal which is supported by at least 75 percent of all Caucus members and 51 percent of Democrats and Republicans. They have proven their willingness to operate as a durable bipartisan bloc with the introduction of a number of bills to reduce government waste and inefficiency and a host of regulation reforms designed to promote bipartisan legislation in the house.

Learn more about the Problem Solvers Caucus here.

Suggestions/Action Points:

  1. As you head to the polls, look for candidates who are cooperating to solve problems rather than exacerbating the partisan divide.

  2. Find ways to help bridge the gap by exploring a number of organizations that are working to bring America back together here.

  3. Spread the word that bipartisanship works, and urge your friends and contacts to join the movement for national unity and collaboration.

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