Facts Aren't Always The Answer

Are we after the facts, or after the truth? It's strange to admit, but they're not always the same thing.

The facts may be true, but the truth is that facts aren't always the best answer.

The fact is that people don't know what to believe anymore, and the truth is that we have less and less faith in our leaders, our reporters, and each other these days.

So what is the answer to this quandary we find ourselves in? And how do we move forward as a society if we cannot trust each other or communicate with each other?

Experts in the fields of conflict dynamics and resolution suggest that rather than offering facts, we might begin by offering empathy. And rather than launching into a conversation with the sole intention of convincing the other, we might begin with the intention of listening and relating.

This short video "Why Facts Don't Convince People (and what you can do about it)" explores the issue clearly and succinctly and offers some guidance that may be useful.

Click the image above to watch.

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