New Song and Video to Unite a Fractured Nation

America is hurting. None of us are immune to the pain that has seeped across our nation. Many are angry. Many are scared. Many feel betrayed. Most of us remember a time when things were far less tense and contentious.

Some wonder how we got here. Some believe they know exactly how, and exactly who to blame. Fingers are pointed. Fists are raised and sometimes thrown. Voices are raised and generally lost in the cacophony.

What do you say when no one is listening?

Maybe you sing.

Music has a way of uniting people. A song has the power to penetrate the ear even when statements, declarations, and speeches do not. A melody can tame the beast while diatribes tend to rile it up.

So we wrote a song. It’s called “On Your Side.” It is about our differences and our struggles, and our ultimate resolve to stand together in spite of our diversity and adversity. It is a song about us, a love song to all Americans in this time of discord.

We made a video for the song. We found clips of recent civil unrest, violent protests and counter-protests, natural and man-made disasters. Sadly, there were plenty of events and footage to cull from.

But there were also many clips of courage and empathy - Americans assisting each other and embracing one another in times of crisis. The video culminates with those. Neighbors in hurricanes Harvey and Irma, concert-goers in Las Vegas, students in Parkland – regular citizens saving one another and tending to each others’ wounds. At clashes around the country, antagonists cross the lines and embrace one another with profound compassion in times of violent opposition.

“On Your Side” does not sugar-coat the issues. We are living in troubled times, and there is a tremendous amount of work to be done to bring Americans back together. But the song and video portray the humanity and optimism that can make this work possible.

We hope you like it. And if you like it, we hope you share it. Your friends, your enemies, all of us can use a few minutes of healing and unity in these difficult times.

To download an mp3 of “On Your Side” please visit our homepage at

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