National Week of Conversation

Are you concerned about the direction our country is heading in today? You are certainly not alone.

Regardless of your political affiliation and your personal perspective on social and political issues, you are in good and plentiful company.

People all across the nation, and all across the spectrum, are concerned just like you.

We may have our differing opinions and complaints, but what we share is our sense that things should and could be better. We are all certainly aware of the uncomfortable tension and anger that have spread from sea to shining sea. There is an obvious lack of civility in our social discourse, and we have come to speak to one another with a disdain that is not pleasant or productive.

The good news is that many people around the nation are not only conscious of this problem, but are motivated to do something about it. If you have begun to feel hopeless and resigned to the fact that is the new normal, then you will be glad to know that today is the first day of a remarkable program called the National Week of Conversation (NWOC).

NWOC is a collaboration of organizations across the country that are committed to bridging the divides in America and restoring respect and collaboration to our national discourse. Throughout the coming week, people all over America will participate in conversations that prioritize understanding the other across political, social-economic and cultural divides. Individuals will participate at public events or in private groups in libraries, community centers, schools, clubs, online video conferences, restaurants and homes. National media coverage, social media campaigns and participating organizations will build awareness and engagement.

If you’d like to learn more and/or participate, visit the National Week of Conversation website at There you’ll find a complete listing of events both live and online, as well as more information about the scores of great organizations that have partnered to make this a groundbreaking reality.

It is easy to become discouraged by the negativity and aggression that has come to pervade our politics, our media, and even our social interactions. Yet the knowledge that this is not inevitable, that there are many like you who want something better and who are working to make it a reality, this can bring us hope in these challenging times.

Join the conversations, and spread the word that hope is on the way!

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