Can We Be Friends In Spite of Opposing Politics?

How many of your friends disagree with you on politics?

How many people have you "un-friended" since the last election because they don't agree with you on politics?

Is a true friend someone who agrees with you, or someone who stands by you in spite of the fact that you don't see eye to eye?

We have all heard stories by now of dear friends who have broken off all lines of contact since Trump's inauguration; of families that can no longer convene because the conversation gets too heated. We have heard such stories, or perhaps we have experienced them.

And regardless of our own political leanings, such stories have to make us sad - sad that our country has become so polarized; sad that so many people are angry and hurting; sad that our stress level is so high and our patience has worn so thin.

In the midst of such sadness, it is encouraging to see examples of success in the midst of so much failing. It is important for us to know that we can get along even when we disagree. It is essential for us to have models of tolerance and kindness that we can emulate when our relationships become contentious.

In their TED talk entitled How Our Friendship Survives our Opposing Politics, Caitlin Quattromani and Lauran Arledge discuss the perspectives that sharply distinguish them and the attitudes and tactics that sustain their deep friendship even in these very polarizing times.

Watch the TED talk by clicking the image above, or by clicking here.

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