Are You Hard of Listening?

How is your listening?

A strange question perhaps. Has anyone ever asked you that before?

Perhaps you have been asked “how is your hearing?” Perhaps you have been accused of being hard of hearing. Perhaps you have been evaluated at some point for the quality of your auditory perception. But have you, or anyone else, ever evaluated the quality of your listening?

In this brief but captivating TED talk, sound expert Julian Treasure suggests that we, as a culture, are losing our ability to listen. He provides a variety of factors that are compromising our listening capacity, and then suggests a host of the dire consequences of this listening loss. Finally, he suggests five exercises that we can practice in order to redevelop our listening muscles and thus stave off the dystopian reality of a world in which none of us are listening to each other.

With the cacophony of traditional and social media, the reverberation of our echo chambers, and the hiss of accusation and demonization that is swirling about us, we are witness to the dangers of a society that does more speaking and shouting than listening.

In such a setting, it is well worth our while to consider the quality of our listening, and to refocus on the development of this essential skill.

Watch Julian Treasure's TED talk 5 Ways to Listen Better.

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