Brita Tries to Filter Trolls

The water filtering company Brita has decided to help folks purify more than just their drinking water.

In a clever new marketing campaign, Brita is offering a new social media filter that enables twitter users to identify negative tweets in their feed and replace them with more positive content that Brita is producing in partnership with Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

The campaign should garner Brita some nice PR. Meantime, it offers a profound social commentary on the profusion of negativity that is floating around us these days which is poisoning the wells of public discourse and interpersonal interaction.

The more exposure we have to negative messaging, the more accustomed we become to sour discourse, and the less careful we become with our own choice of words and the effect they have on others. 140 characters seem so innocuous, but Brita’s campaign can remind us that even the smallest microbial bacteria can render an entire water source toxic and can threaten the well-being of the entire tribe.

You can sign up for the new filter here.

And you can read about the campaign in an Ad Age article here.

Let us know what you think, and if you use the filter, let us know how it affects your feed.

Thanks to Commoner Rachel Silva for sending the campaign our way!

Marc Erlbaum, Contributor

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