Knowing Better

Chris Arnade left his job as a Wall Street bond trader to travel the country and photograph disenfranchised Americans who were left behind by the American dream.

Arnade was far less surprised than most of us by the results of the presidential election, because for months leading up to the election he found that the majority of his photo subjects in rural and urban America were fed up and pro-Trump.

No fan of Trump himself either before the election or now, Arnade found his conversations illuminating and his worldview altered by his travels. His work provides a powerful lesson about listening and about seeking greater understanding through reaching out to those far different from ourselves.

“I learned to get rid of my education,” he said. “I had to stop being the guy who always says, ‘Well, actually . . .’ to prove I know better.”

Read about his work and his journey in this Washington Post article by clicking the image.

Check out some of his photography on flickr here.

Marc Erlbaum, Contributor

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