I was talking to someone yesterday…

I was talking to someone yesterday about Common Party, and he said “it’s all nice and flowery when you’re talking about superficial commonalities, but when you get down to the real issues, people really do have huge differences.”

Of course that’s true, I told him, but the point is that we have to remind ourselves and each other that it’s okay to have differences! That differences are actually a good thing! That we can still love and accept people who think and believe differently from us! Somehow that seems to have gotten lost in the wash recently.

We have enough in common that we should be able to say ‘we are all human beings, we all want to be safe, and loved, and good; the vast majority of us want good things for everyone around them. We just have different beliefs about how we can achieve those goals.’

As soon as we believe that those who differ from us are evil or mean, then we have made progress and peace less likely.

Marc Erlbaum, Contributor

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