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Below you can download our original song, "On Your Side", and the lyrics.

Music & Lyrics by Marc Erlbaum and Shaia Erlbaum.

Performed by Andrew Lipke.

On Your Side

I have always been on your side,
Though we often bicker and fight.
We may think differently,
We may seldom agree,
But I’ve always been here on your side.

You haven’t been to the place where I’m from,
And I don’t know the place from where you’ve come.
Though our backgrounds are different,
Our stories collide.
I’ve always been here on your side.

No one told us it’d be so hard -
That we’d all be so bruised and so scarred.
When I’m broken and scared
And I just want to hide,
You’ve always been here on my side.

There are currents that pull us apart,
There’s a fire that we didn’t start.
With a battle that’s brewing,
We’re forced to decide,
Will we always remain side by side?

I don’t know how we got to this place -
Everything crumbling at such a mad pace.
If we don’t stand together,
We’ll all fall apart.
We bleed the same blood and beat the same heart.

I was born to be here by your side,
Our destiny tangled and tied.
No mountain too high,
No ocean too wide.
I’ll scale every wall,
And I’ll cross each divide.

When the world comes to rend us
As hard as they try,
I ain’t gonna budge, no I ain’t gonna slide.
Til the end of the road,
Til the day that I die...
I’ll forever be on your side.

© Copyright 2018 by Common Party. All rights reserved.


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