Doug Parker, chairman and CEO of American Airlines, recently gave the graduation keynote speech for Southern Methodist University’s class of 2019 — and his message is urgent for these divided times.

Parker said that current levels of political polarization in the U.S. may seem normal to young people, but are concerning to older generations who know...

We built AllSides in part because we believe in the power of civility and civil discourse. AllSides helps people build relationships with those who are different from them, which we believe will ultimately improve our democracy.

But, could we be wrong? What if civility is actually a sham?

A TED Talk by political theorist Teresa Bejan r...

We often think of Thanksgiving as a time when we relax with family and friends, stuff ourselves silly — and maybe apologize for burning the casserole. But aside from all the revelry, Thanksgiving can also bring uncomfortable political conversations.

Thanksgiving is truly a time when we’re forced out of our filter bubbles. Suddenly we find ourselves...

A string of violent incidents in October further illuminated political polarization in America, raising serious concerns about how media bias contributes to hateful division — and how we must change this to heal our divide.

In just the last month, multiple incidents of political violence struck America. A gunman burst into a Pittsburgh synagogu...

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