18 years ago this week, America voted for Presidential candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore. The result was virtually a tie, and the five ensuing weeks of legal battles were confusing and sometimes ugly.

Always remember this: We were able to settle this dispute without tanks rolling through the streets, shots being fired, or blood being shed. The r...

One year ago this week, on September 24, 2016 the National Museum of African American History and Culture was opened.  At it, a picture was taken that captured the hearts of America.  Squarely in the middle of a heated and contentious election campaign, it showed an African American First Lady and former caucasian President sharing a tender embrace...

On this date in 1858, the famous series of debates between Abraham Lincoln and Senator Stephen Douglas began in Illinois.  They would debate seven times, one for each congressional district in Illinois.  Douglas had served in Congress for 15 years, and was nationally known.  Lincoln had no Congressional experience and was a relative mystery.   They...

The date was April 9, 1865.  The place was in the parlor in the home of Wilbur Mclean at Appomattox  Court House, Virginia.  Confederate General Robert E. Lee met with his Union Counterpart.  Together they ended the civil war ... or so we thought.  At least that is what our history teachers tell us.



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