A Time for Healing

There is a wound in America.

It is deep, and it is festering, and, if it is not tended to,

it threatens to become debilitating.


The people of a nation are referred to as a “body politic” because we form a single organism. We are limbs of one being. When we fight one another it is like one of our hands slapping the other. The pain does not belong to a part, it is shared by the whole.

"One Nation, Indivisible"

Indivisible does not mean indistinguishable, or indiscriminate, or indecisive. It certainly does not mean indifferent. It means we are together even as we are individual. It means we are united even as we are diverse.

It means we care about one another even when we do not share every belief or opinion. It means we are respectful of perspectives that are not precisely as our own. We are aligned even as we may lean in divergent directions.

Our similarities are far more numerous and far greater than our differences, and our differences make us far greater than those who insist on uniformity and intolerance.

Mutual Imperfection

The foundation of our great nation is cooperation, collaboration and toleration. But we have not been perfect or blameless.

We all have egos, faults, and biases. Rather than tearing us apart, the recognition that they exist in each of us can actually draw us further together. Imperfection is yet another thing we have in common. Let us admit that rather than deny it. Let us sympathize with each other's failings and draw strength from our mutual humanity.

Clinging to our need to be right is what disables us from reaching out to one another. We are so busy holding ourselves together that we are unable to extend and embrace our commonality.

The Common Party

It is time for a movement that accentuates and celebrates our shared qualities and aims. The Common Party is predicated on the common good, common goals, common decency and courtesy.  We are a party not in the political sense, but in the social sense – a venue to gather, to be part of a community, to enjoy one another’s wisdom, talent, humor and support.

The CP is not about being PC. It is about being respectful, about communicating with integrity, about creating a space for collaboration rather than combat. Many Americans today are angry. But while anger is the easiest emotion, it is not the most productive.

One can be victorious by vanquishing his enemy, but one will be better served by transforming his foe into his ally. This does not connote appeasement, and it does not imply that our values must be compromised. It means that we will endeavor to find a common ground and work to determine whether it is strong enough to build on.


Membership in the Common Party is open to anybody who can commit to listening and judging others favorably.

Commoners will not abdicate the right to their own opinions, but they will agree to hear opposing perspectives and to recognize that respectful disagreement is acceptable and dialogue is productive.

Membership includes access to:

  1. Com-tent and Common-tary - content produced and curated by CP that explores subjects of tolerance and commonality.

  2. Common Parties - Social events in various cities to celebrate commonality with networking, entertainment, and panel discussions on the subjects of unity, tolerance and collaboration.

  3. Common Cause  - Social Action programs in various cities to help the needy and emphasize the commonality in all members of society regardless of income, background, or circumstance.

  4. Com-versations - gatherings in various cities to discuss hot button, polarizing issues in a non-threatening forum, reframing the socio-political process from one of antagonism to one of collaboration.